Emotional True Story - Pineapple Ice Cream

"You'll never look at street vendors the same way again. "

It's in the midst of hardships that we are really brought about to shine, and this Thai inspirational commercial shows us how.

This simple story of sacrifice - not just of a mother's sacrifice but that of both, her daughter as well.

Seeing the last part, the daughter's picture now grown up and on her way to start a career, reminds us  - as mother or father or guardian - that with just consistent effort topped with love, and believing that the "tough way" is better than the easy way out. In the end, all our efforts will pay off.

Dog Makes Friends with a Child with Down Syndrome

"Life is full of special moments, open your eyes, open your mind and most of all, open your heart, you will see." - Jim Stenson

I barely could not think of any words to describe this kind of moment in this touching video. The boy's name is Hernan - a special child with down syndrome - and the dog is Himalaya. His mother Ana was the one who filmed this.

As Ana described:
 "Hernan, is a bit withdrawn and flees from physical contact. He does not like be touched, but Himalayan (the dog) insisted so patiently, and she was so soft that's why it is so moving, she is left to do anything. I do not think that Dios commit errors, (God doesn't make mistakes) everything happens for a reason. Best regards, Ana".

Indeed God does not make mistakes.What Himalaya, this loving dog, simply showed to us love knows now boundaries. If dog's can love this much - someone of their own species - why not us humans?

View original raw video from Ana here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O8lbQGq7W4

The Street Vendor Who Burned Himself Alive and Sparked a Revolution

This was the fire that started it all the Arab revolution - Egypt, Syria, and many more - a Tunisian man named Mohammed Bouazizi burned himself alive. This is his inspiring true story.

Here's a very deep comment from user TheAmericanNative.

This man has my respect. This man led large swaths of the Middle East to revolutions for freedom. They in turn created Occupy Wall Street, which will create many more protests world wide today. If those make this world better, Mohammed Bouazizi ought to be heralded an international hero. I wish I could say something in Mohammed's native tongue, but I know it not, so I will say something in my ancestral tongue, "Tapadh leat mo sonn" thank you my hero. May Allah watch over you.

One of the best inspirational true story there is. Did he intentionally did this to rise a revolution? I don't think so. But standing up for what is right regardless of the consequences was his soul's deepest intention.

The Breathtaking Impossible Floating Human Tower - Nanjing Youth Olympics

Breathtaking. Impossible. Scary. Crazy - and even Tear Jerking!!

This is the "Tower of Building Dreams" during the Nanjing Youth Olympics.

You will surely feel chills all over your body. How on earth where they able to do this? I have no idea but the effort, the practice, the patience, the strategy, the accuracy, and the crazy teamwork - the epoch of human glory!!!

How motivational a video could this be?

I bet it would be a great dream if at least ones in your lifetime one can be part of such tremendous feat!

It would be very lame if I would say, "If they can do it, so can you!"

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