The Breathtaking Impossible Floating Human Tower - Nanjing Youth Olympics

Breathtaking. Impossible. Scary. Crazy - and even Tear Jerking!!

This is the "Tower of Building Dreams" during the Nanjing Youth Olympics.

You will surely feel chills all over your body. How on earth where they able to do this? I have no idea but the effort, the practice, the patience, the strategy, the accuracy, and the crazy teamwork - the epoch of human glory!!!

How motivational a video could this be?

I bet it would be a great dream if at least ones in your lifetime one can be part of such tremendous feat!

It would be very lame if I would say, "If they can do it, so can you!"

How To Be a Modern Day Hero - Watch This

Imagine if each and everyone of us would be like this. Get your napkins ready for some tearjerker in this inspirational short film commercial.

Now, here's the challenge what would you do after watching this Thai commercial?

Get out there and bring on those acts of random kindness, and you will never know what blessing has the universe in store for you!

Be a blessing!

I'm Fat and How I Wish Grandma Told Me Something Like This Before

Weight loss is never easy, and it will never become easier. And one can only see the result when we one will have had enough. Enough of the discrimination, and enough of the pain. But often time, once it starts people reach a point that it will then start to flunk down - again.

So what does the girl did that she made it?

She never asked questions. It's this power of the mind that is just set to meet the "god" who is waiting. Just to find out that the true god is not something that is called upon - but something that is within us, in our inner self.

After Failing His School and His Family - His Teacher Did Something Amazing (True Story)

A school bully, the black sheep of a family, and a delinquent into drug abuse, Glenn Lim found himself in prison. But things change when he found what his teacher gave him.

The true story of motivational speaker Glenn Lim and his teacher Mr. Kumar.

Indeed our youth now needs people like Mr. Kumar who sees beyond what society sees in a delinquent youth. It's seeing a student's potentials no matter how bad they are and believing that their time will come is what our educational system needs really today.

Every teacher can make a difference!

Here's Glenn Lim now:

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